Sacral Chakra – The Sensual Orange takes over

The sacral chakra has to do with our emotions but at the same time with our sexual side. It’s another sensitive chakra since it represents the way we feel and sexuality, therefore some people try to create an energetic wall between these two on their chakra. So these people will either end up too sexual by avoiding their emotions or too emotional and they ignore sex. Someone would ask here “but I thought that black or red is sexy?”. The answer is of course a big no, as I explained on my previous post about the root, red and black usually give the impression of an aggressive person not a sensual one. So what are you waiting for? Wear your beautiful orange dress and feel the energies activating your sacral!

Featherly Love,



2 thoughts on “Sacral Chakra – The Sensual Orange takes over

    • Well there are always the accessories such as belts, bracelets, watch, ring – whichever is closer to your sacral area. Clementines count only if you carry them with you haha! 🙂

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