A warm hello to all the world!

Welcoming the  strong energies of the 21/12/2012, it was about time for me to say hello to all of you out there. I’m Ruby, nice to meet you new friends! I work with my husband on the Psychic Nest  as psychic mediums by offering a variety of services. At the same time all these years my love and passion for fashion and beauty never changed as well as lifestyle too. How a materialistic world of fashion can approach the spiritual one? Stay tuned then and you will see! Have a lovely day everyone!

Featherly Love,



2 thoughts on “A warm hello to all the world!

  1. Hello Ruby, love your blog, just went through it all, I love your Feather Inspiration posts and they are so beautifully done. Alos I love wearing colours , not black, I enjoy colours. Thank you for all the wonderful insights into it. I am looking forward to more! Love Ute x

    • Hi utesmile and welcome to my blog! I must admit I love colors too, in my closet someone would barely find black clothes! Thank you so much for your uplifting words, have a beautiful day and happy holidays!

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